Scaling & Root Planning

Scaling and root planing is the dental term which people most often refer to when they speak of a deep cleaning. This type of cleaning is typically performed on patients who might have neglected their oral health for sometime and have developed minimal to severe bone loss around their teeth. The objective of this cleaning is to remove all tater and plaque that has been built up on the teeth and under the gums which is the root cause of the bone loss-periodinatl disease. Often times patients may require anesthetic during this procedure to be comfortable enough to allow the dental professional to adequately remove the tarter and plaque from underneath the gums. Again, a variety of dental tools may be used to remove any plaque or tarter that has built up on the teeth or slightly under the gums. The teeth are then polished and flossed. This procedure is ideally performed once, after which with better home care the patient would receive their routine dental cleaning which is termed periodontal maintenance.


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