Partial Dentures

A Partial denture is a viable option for replacing multiple missing teeth on the upper or lower jaw. Partial dentures may be constructed out of a variety of different materials. With all partial dentures impressions or molds are taken with which stone models are constructed. Upon these models the partial denture is created. Each type of partial has its own advantages and disadvantages. There are three main types of partials: metal framework partials, all acrylic partials and valplast partials.

partial-dentures-metalMetal Framework Partials
Advantages: This type of partial is relativity durable. The partial uses cast metal as a substructure, which gives it strength and precision with its clasping mechanism. This clasping mechanism gives it the ability to be adjusted easily and fits around the teeth more accurately.

Disadvantages: This is the most expensive type of partial. Depending on how it is designed, it may be difficult to add teeth in the future if other teeth are lost. Many times the existing teeth have to be shaped to allow this type of partial to fit properly around the existing teeth.  Not easily made prior to extractions.

partial-dentures-acrylicAll Acrylic Partials
Advantages: This type of partial is the cheapest type of partial. If other teeth are lost in the future it is the easiest type of partial to add teeth to.  No to little adjustments needed to existing teeth. Can be made prior to having a tooth pulled so a patient can leave the office with a tooth after an extraction.

Disadvantages: Acrylic material relatively weak, more liable to break, wire clasp mechanisms not as accurate, partial not as stable.

partial-dentures-valplastValplast Partials
Advantages: This type of partial is middle of the road in cost. No metal at all. May be more esthetic due to no metal. It is somewhat flexible, as I guaranteed no to break.

Disadvantages: The clasping mechanism cannot be tightened. However, rarely are they ever loose. You cannot add teeth to it in the future.


Things to consider about partial Dentures
With all partials a patient must have remaining teeth that are in good condition and have adequate bone support. Partials are a relatively less expensive way to replace multiple teeth. Partial denture can restore function and esthetics for many patients. However, partials have been shown in cases to loosen the teeth they are anchored to. Food often times accumulates around the partial when eating which necessitates the need to remove the partial every time after eating to clean and brush ones own teeth. It is also advised to cleanse and soak partials at night to allow for proper cleaning of partials and to allow oral tissues to rest.

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