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In many instances crowding of teeth can be due to oral habits and positioning of the child’s tongue and lips. There are forces that are exhibited by the tongue and by the lips and cheeks which when properly placed help he teeth come into a more proper alignment. When these forces are not in proper balance teeth may shift or come in crooked.

One habit that can unbalance these forces is mouth breathing. By breathing through ones mouth, especially while sleeping, the tongue drops from the roof of the mouth. With out the tongue exerting outward force on the top teeth, the cheeks and lips push inward causing crowding.

By wearing a Myofunctional Orthodontic Appliance such as a Trainer, the effects of poor habits are minimized and teeth can be moved to a more ideal position.

These appliances are best used with children 6-10 years old. They are to be worn for a minimum or 1-2 hours per day and at night while sleeping. Over night use may take a while to get accustomed too but will happen with persistence. Follow up appointments every 6-8 weeks help determine the effectiveness of the appliance and help ensure it is being worn properly.

The greatest challenge with the appliance is COMPLIANCE.  Without commitment from the parents and the child this treatment will not work. The appliance must be worn as directed every day as instructed.

These appliances are not for everyone and have a wide range of effectiveness on patients. Things to consider with Myofunctional Orthodontic Appliances: Parent and child commitment to wearing the appliance, is crowding due to poor habits, jaw and teeth relationships, time and cost of appliances. Dr. Smith can answer these and other questions during your child’s exam.

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