implantsWhen a single tooth or multiple teeth are missing, implants are a great option to consider. When people speak of implants there are actually three parts to the implant: body, abutment and crown. The implant body is a metal column shape device that is placed into the bone. This could be considered the root of the implant. It usually is about the same length as the root of the tooth it is replacing and is practically all embedded in bone just as a root would be. Adequate bone amount and quality of bone is necessary for implant placement. Once this body of the implant is placed it typically takes 3-6 months for the surrounding bone to stabilize the implant body enough to proceed to the next step. Once the implant body is stabilized, the implant abutment and crown are ready to be made and attached. The implant abutment is the portion of the implant that attaches to the implant body at gum level and protrudes out of the gum. This implant body can be prefabricated-a stock abutment-or it can be custom made. Upon this implant abutment the final crown or tooth- is fastened. (See Crowns).

Unlike a bridge no other teeth need to be prepared or adjusted in any way. This eliminates any possible damage to other teeth. Also where with bridges flossing may be difficult, implants are as easy to floss as natural teeth. Unlike a partial denture, implants do not attach to other teeth, which may cause mobility long term.

If there is not adequate bone implants may require additional procedures or may not be possible at all. Implants are typically more costly that bridges or partial dentures, this is especially true when multiple teeth are missing and needing to be replaced. Implants take time to heal and stabilize in the jaw, extending the time until the implant is actually finished.

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