At times it is required to extract or pull a tooth. Teeth may be extracted for various reasons including: if the tooth is very mobile, tooth is in pain, and tooth cannot be restored. The two most common types of extractions are simple and surgical extractions.

Simple extractions
Simple extractions are extractions in which Dr. Smith is able to remove the tooth simple by getting a hold of the tooth and removing it.

Surgical Extractions
Surgical extractions are extractions in which bone may need to be removed and or the tooth needs to be sectioned in several pieces to be removed. Many tikes with surgical extractions sutures are placed. Most extractions are of the simple kind. However, there may be times when surgical extractions are needed.

Expectations After and Post-Op Instructions
Most patients recover in 12hours to 3 days depending on the severity of the case. Common side effects are: mild to moderate pain, mild swelling and bleeding. If swelling occurs 20 minutes on and 20 minutes off with ice may help with swelling. Do not place ice directly on skin. It is advised to bite on gauze firmly for 15 minutes or until the bleeding stops. Depending on the tooth a soft diet may be advised for 12-48 hours. Avoiding smoking, using straws or anything that would create suction in the mouth. Take all medications as prescribed. In cases where multiple extractions are performed and its difficult to eat, vitamin and nutrient drinks such as ensure will help proved needed calories and nutrients.

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