denturesDentures are dental appliances to replace missing teeth when a patient is missing all of his or her teeth on the upper or lower jaws. (If a patient has teeth remaining and does not need to replace all teeth on any giving jaw this is called a partial denture—see partial dentures.) Dentures can be made for someone that is already missing all teeth on a given jaw or will be missing all teeth on a given jaw. Dentures are made by initially taking impression or molds of the patients jaw. This is a very critical step, many times a second more precise impression will be taken. Afterwards an appliance called a wax rim is used to help determine the patient’s bite and sent to the lab. Size, shape and tooth shade is selected at which point the lab places the teeth in the wax rim for a try in. At the try in changes can be made to ensure that the set up of the teeth is acceptable to the patient. Once final approval by the patient, the denture is processed and finalized and delivered to the patient. At this appointment instructions of care and use are given.

It is common to experience sore spots where the denture might be rubbing a little tight. Adjustments are easily made to compensate for these areas. Other possible things that patients commonly experience with new dentures are: extra salivation, difference in speech and taste of food, and patterns and modes of chewing.  Most people overcome these challenges within several days to several weeks. Dentures are not as effective as real teeth but for those who have no other option dentures can restore a sense of wholeness, well being, esthetics, function and normality of facial features such as correcting sunken lips and cheeks.

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