When a single tooth or multiple teeth are missing, a Bridge may be a good option of replacing teeth. A dental bridge is a permanent appliance that is placed in the mouth that does not have to be removed on a daily basis to be cleaned and maintained. In fact, if taken care of properly, a bridge may last 20 years or even longer in the mouth without removal. Bridges may be made with cosmetic tooth colored material such as porcelain to match your existing teeth color, made of a high noble metal such as gold or a combination of both. Requirements for replacing teeth with a bridge are: must have a tooth or teeth on both sides of a space, the teeth on each side of the space must have good bone support with no to little mobility, the existing space must not be too long of a span, and the opposing teeth must not droop too far in the space wanting to be bridged. The process of creating a bridge is first preparing back the teeth on either side of the space to allow room for the bridge to connect. Once the reduction has been made, an impression is taken, which is sent to a lab for fabrication of the bridge. A temporary bridge made of an acrylic is placed while the permanent bridge is being constructed. Usually 2 weeks is required by the lab to make the bridge at which point the patient returns to the office. At this short appointment the temporary bridge is removed and the permanent one is permanently placed. Advantages to bridges: permanent manner of replacing teeth, does not have to be removed, cosmetically pleasing, many times less expensive than implants. Disadvantages to bridges: more expensive than removable solutions such as partial dentures, increase difficulty flossing, increased possibility of root canal due to preparing the teeth back.

1. Missing Tooth
2. Prepare Teeth for Bridge
3. Temporary Bridge
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